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Charity Work

The Cimmerians PRIMARY CHARITY  is -  Special Operations Warriors Foundation

The Cimmerians need your help in aiding the families of the Real Warriors who are getting the tough jobs done, who are in harms way everyday:  U. S. Special Operations Forces. These exceptional individuals are defending our freedom in dangerous and distant lands. We should show how much we appreciate what they are doing for us!

We want to show the SpecOps community that Airsoft enthusiasts appreciate their sacrifice. To do this the Cimmerians make an annual Cash donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This Foundation provides college scholarship grants, along and education counseling to the children of special operations personnel who have been killed in action. This assistance is available to all Special Operators from all service branches. To raise the money, the Cimmerians are asking everyone they know to make a donation. Some of our friends are not into airsoft, that's OK, we need their donation too. These funds go directly into the donation fund.  Please email us at  for info.  To date we have raised $8,779 for the cause.

 Night Cap Fund Drive 2011-12 - $2,262 was Raised

On 6 August, 2011, in an instant twenty two SEALS, three Air Force operators, and five Army air crew killed in the line of duty on. On behalf of the Cimmerians, a 501C-3 non-for-profit organization dedicated to historical combat re-enactment and educating the public about Military and Special Operation history, I am asking for your assistance and donation in support of a benefit operation for the fallen Americans. To commemorate these fallen warriors, the Cimmerians are organized a benefit “Operation Nightcap" held in the vicinity of Reno, Nevada on October15, 2011.  Cimmerians also went door to door with friends and family soliciting further donations to this cause.  

We also want to thank the NVNG Company D, 113th Aviation, CH47 unit that provided a dramatic fly-by for the op. Thanks Guys!

Lone Survivor Benefit 2010- $500 was raised

In our recent airsoft reenactment of the Lone Survivor story, we raised $500 for the Special
Operations Warrior Foundation. Please accept this donation in the name of PO1 Marcus
Luttrell in honor of:  Lt. Michael P. Murphy  STG2 Matthew G. Axelson  GM2 Danny Dietz Jr.
These bold SEALs sacrifice will never be forgotten.

op Delta Thunder 6 - Thanks to all who made our last donation of $1,116 to the SWOF possible.  Honor the fallen donation $1,116

op Delta Thunder 5 - Thanks to all who made our last donation of $3,000 to the SWOF possible. Honor the fallen $500.
SOWF thank you letter is HERE.

KATRINA CHARITY DRIVE  Complete -   $283 Donated
The Cimmerian KATRINA Hurricane Relief drive to benefit the VFW Vets and Active Duty personnel effected by Katrina / Rita has raised $283.  Thanks to all who helped - 30% of the Cimmerians participated.

Our goal was to give a donation to provide continued support for the long and difficult re-building of Veteran and active duty families in the effected gulf states areas.  While the initial needs of food and shelter are satisfied, the devastation in the effected communities is extensive. Many veterans and active duty personnel were hit hard by the double disaster of KATRINA and RITA.