OP: AXE HANDLE - 18may12 - 20may12
Circa 02 Jun 2007 - Operation Lashtay Kulang - "axe handle" - The 1Bn the Royal Anglians is spearheading a multi-national force of 2,000 troops - half of them British - pushing up the Sangin Valley, a Taliban stronghold where well-armed insurgents terrorize the 

op AXE HANDLE 18may12

The British are supported by paratroopers from the 82 US Airborne division, along with Danish and Estonian soldiers. For the last two days they have been engaged in heavy fighting in Operation Lashtay Kulang - meaning "pick axe handle" - Darkness is descending as A Company, nicknamed the Fighting Ninth, dances its way through ditches and around the thick mud-brick compounds until we come upon the enemy position. Trees are splintered and walls pockmarked by the orgy of gunfire that has hammered into its target.
The latest battle has lasted four hours, closing a day which started as dawn broke over the Sangin Valley. "Without doubt, we are going into one of the most hazardous environments in Afghanistan," Major Dom Biddick, the commander of A Company, Royal Anglians, had told his men.
"It's going to be very cheeky out there." A classic line, worthy of Wellington. "The enemy are well armed, but so are we. We have a serious amount of firepower to call on. But be proportionate in your engagements and sensitive to collateral damage."
We will form-up in the desert Friday night and commence operations Saturday morning.  You must be completely self sufficient - Water-food-shelter. Bring a dish for the Feast on Saturday night.  Operations conclude at mid-day on Sunday.
OPCOM : CWO2 Fleischer

  1. Infiltration and patrol
  2. Locate and secure a series of objectives - interrogation of locals and PUC procedures
  3. Assault on a of fortified positions
  4. Evacuation, pursuit and ambush  
LOAD OUT :  This is a modern combat reenactment. As always we expect all operators to TRY THEIR BEST to wear a conforming uniform. 
  • ISAF - Any US-NATO desert uniform 
  • TBAN-OPFOR - Desert unifrom with soft cap or Kefiya/Shemagh 
No waiver on file with the CAA?  You must have one on file to operate with the Cimmerians