MAR 1996 - Bosnia - D
uring the Bosnian War NATO forces were repeatedly faced with Combat Search and Rescue missions. In March 1996 the downing of a French Mirage attack jet scrambled a NATO CSAR force to find the pilots before they came into BSA control. This Cimmerian OP will be our last Snow OP for the season and will focus on locating and rescuing the downed pilots. Spring conditions in the Sierras make snow shoes optional and temperatures should be in the 40-50 range.
This snow op will include patrolling on snow. Search for crash site and downed pilots. Pilots will use SERE techniques until rescued. Defensive forces will maintain a perimeter, interdict hostile patrols, and capture the pilots.

ARCTIC qualification: This will be an ARCTIC tab op for those who bivouac 2 nights at the AO.

BSA- Bosnian Serb Army - Snow cammo or Snow Cammo with a woodland pattern.
NATO - Any NATO woodland camo pattern
Weapons: all weapons allowed