op BADGER CYCLONE 18-20 may 18 
Circa November 1995, Kosovo region - This is a theatrical reenactment of engagement of elements between U.S. Forces and Serbian Special Operation units, Kosovo region.  A U.S. Recon unit strayed or was lured into Serbian controlled area and ambushed. A reaction force was mobilized to rescue/recover the engaged unit and their vehicles.

OP will focus on -
o Regrouping at AO BLISTERHEEL campsite
o Feast of CROM on Saturday Night

Combat EVOs will focus on -
o Establish Forward Operating Base & Aid station
o Search for lost units & vehicle
o Recover and secure lost units and vehicle
o Locate and Destroy enemy FOB 

AO : Blister  Heel


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MultiCam and OD - but any military uniform/pattern is welcome.  As always.  The setting for the OP will be high altitude alpine woodland terrain. Lots of granite and coniferous trees.

All modern and vintage weapons accepted.  We strive to re-enact the flow of battle more than to be strict with gear.

The OP will be divided into multiple evolutions Saturday with a combat chow break mid-day in the field. Morning EVO on Sunday.  Make sure you carry food and water. The scenario will  involve using military vehicles to carry out the missions.  Some recon will be in very high altitude.

No waiver on file with the CAA?  You must have one on file to operate with the Cimmerians

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