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op STRONG MILE 21jul12

Op: STRONG MILE 21jul12

Circa 1959, Malaysia:  Starting with the experience gained in this colonial bastion, the Cimmerian will be presenting the 'Best of"  SAS Op in the lush alpine forest of the Sierra on the Highway 80 corridor.

Background- The Asian and European Empires have only a few years ago finished wearing themselves down to a complete surrender in WWII.   For the first time in decades, the tide of colonialism is receding from South East Asia.

British and Malaysian 'Government' Statement
After plucking our allies from the jaws of the Japanese, we have begun the slow, arduous task of building up the Malaysian economy.  The Rubber and Tin Mining industries have almost returned to their pre-WWII levels of production, but unfortunately our investments are being seized and sabotaged by communist insurgents.

Malaysian National Liberation Army (MNLA) Statement
The most recent colonial dogs to arrive are the British; bearing weapons and the knowledge we would need to free ourselves from the binds of our Japanese oppressors. For many long desperate years with our British companions at our side, we struggled in the dark wet jungle to rid ourselves of the invading parasites from the pacific rim.  Now that night has fallen on the Empire of the Rising Sun, our British 'allies' withdraw from us like cunning pirates in the dark.  They slink to fire-lit conventions where they may divide up their spoils as if it were their very own: the bounty of our ancestral lands.  This must cease.  If we are to escape from the tumult and suffocation of these relentless waves of cursed colonial plundering, it is now that we must act.

Men (and women) of valor, we desperately need your assistance in saving our virgin lands and innocent civilians from the ravages of pillaging barbarians.


Operation will include:
"Parachute" infiltration
 Jungle/Land Navigation
 Reconnaissance Patrols
 Ambush target area identification, selection, and execution
 Reaction to close contact and counter-ambush
 Airdrop resupply

his is a modern combat reenactment. 
As always we expect all operators to TRY THEIR BEST to wear a conforming uniform; although participation is preferred over strict adherence to sartorial standards
          • BLUFOR: British/Commonwealth - Tan Based Uniforms - All Desert and Arid Patterns and Tones - Khaki preferred.
      • REDFOR: MNLA - Green Based Uniforms - All Woodland and Temperate Patterns acceptable - Woodland preferred
No waiver on file with the CAA?  You must have one on file to operate with the Cimmerians - I NEED TO SUBMIT AN ANNUAL WAIVER HERE

Malayan Emergency, (1948–60), period of unrest following the creation of the Federation of Malaya (precursor of Malaysia) in 1948.After World War II the Federation of Malaya was formed through the unification of several formerBritish territories, including Sabah and Sarawak. The negotiations included special guarantees of rights for Malays (including the position of sultans) and the establishment of a colonial government. These developments angered the Communist Party of Malaya, an organization that was composed largely of Chinese members and was committed to an independent, communist Malaya. The party began a guerrilla insurgency, and on June 18, 1948, the government declared a state of emergency. British efforts to suppress the uprising militarily were unpopular, especially their relocation of rural Chinese into tightly controlled “New Villages,” a measure designed to deny the rebels a source of food and manpower. Under the leadership of British high commissioner Sir Gerald Templer, however, the British began addressing political and economic grievances. In the early 1950s several measures, including local elections and the creation of village councils, were introduced to facilitate independence. In addition, many Chinese were granted citizenship. Such actions decreased support for the insurgency, which had always been limited. 

Tan Loadout Target: Jungle Service Dress
Green Loadout Target: Malaysian Modern Uniform

For further historical information please see: