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Circa August of 1972, the Cimmerians will re-enact the 40 year anniversary of the engagement between the Feniks 72 group and Spetznaz -Yugoslav National Army in a mountainous terrain with the emphasis on mountain small-unit warfare and the use of hit and run tactics. 

The group of Croatian emigrees in Australia had inserted a 19 man team into former Yugoslavia with objectives to
a) organize an armed rebellion and overthrow of the Socialist Yugoslavia
b) shake the system by blowing up two dams and interupting a water supply of major city.
AO : PRINCE    [I-80 corridor near Cisco]

The operation was called Feniks '72 (Phoenix 72). The 19, well trained men who were equipped with the top-notch military hardware [Rumors of CIA backing were never confirmed] They CLF took on over 1,000 Yug
oslav military and territorial defense forces in the mountainous terrain on the border of today Bosnia and Croatia. The final battle setting was on the mountain Radusa, where 13 of the group were killed and 6 captured  and shot very shortly after - while inflicting numerous casualties upon the security forces, primarily through the use of small unit tactics and use of terrain and camouflage.  The effect was profound as even the Yugoslav leader Tito remarked: we have just received a major beating on the head.

  • Insertion of armed group into the mountainous area
  • setting up of demolition charges onto a dam
  • locating concealed item and transportation of hazardous goods
  • camouflage and concealment and egress out of the area
  • counter-insurgency operations


CLF - Woodland/DPM  - Boonie hats
YNA- Spetznaz - Green/Navy Blue. Helmets  and "overseas" caps. 

From the small unit firepower standpoint - the Croatian Liberation Army [CLF] group had the latest in weaponry M-16s, HKs, G-3s and were raining havoc on the Yugoslav military armed mainly with SKS-type and Kar-98 (M-48) carbines. Only the arrival of "newly minted" mountain warfare troops towards the end of the conflict with the "new" M-70 assault rifles and small-unit tactics had managed to match the firepower and movement of the inserted group. Most of the CDL force had "new" DPM fatigues that were not yet in full use even by the Brits/ANZAC. The Yugoslav Army initially approached the situation by their basic doctrine of using the presence of "armed people" to quell the inserted force - But this failed.  On second view the YNA employed its own special forces to counter the threat, with more impressive results. 
Y                                           ugo special force:
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The only surviving picture of CLA force;