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OP: BULLDOG RED - 17 mar 12                             GENRE: MODERN

- March 2003, Jalabja, Kurdish Northern Iraq...During the opening days of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, combat ops had been launched on all fronts across Iraq. Northeast of Tikrit, on the border with Iran, over 300 US Special Forces and their 1500 allied Kurdish Peshmergan forces (the PUK) launched a 6-prong mountain offensive (codenamed: Operation Viking Hammer) to eliminate a radical faction, Ansar Al Islam and weaken Iraqi Northern Command Units. With their backs to the safety of Iranian territory, this group was in control of a mountainous sector, which provided an abundant defense. The only way the US forces could penetrate the faction's defenses was to infiltrate infantry and supporting artilley up single lane dirt roads and under a shower of enemy fire from above to engage Ansar head-on, one hardened position at a time. 

  1. Infiltration and patrol
  2. Locate and secure a series of objectives
  3. Assault on a series of fortified positions
  4. Evacuation, pursuit and ambush  
LOAD OUT :  This is a modern combat reenactment. As always we expect all operators to TRY THEIR BEST to wear a conforming uniform. 
  • USFOR - Any US uniform 
  • ANSAR - Flecktarn or OD fatigues with a soft cap or Kefiya/Shemagh 
No waiver on file with the CAA?  You must have one on file to operate with the Cimmerians