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op EAGLE SWORD 15-16sept12

OOFTAH! This is the Cimmerian's 20th anniversary OP.  
This will be the Cimmerians 240th operation!The Cimmerians will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary this coming September. To celebrate two decades of MILSIM experience, the Cimmerians will venture out to the Northern Nevada, Pig Rock/Bear Trap AO. This full weekend event will commence on our normal third weekend of 14-16 Sept. 

Scenraio - Circa 15 sept 1990  - during the Gulf War, in response to coalition air strikes against his forces, Saddam Hussein ordered a series of SCUD missile strikes against Saudi Arabia and Isreal.  In response coalition commanders commited special operations forces to the mobile SCUD hunt. They drew from Delta Force troops and British SAS squadrons in theater. An operation was quickly drawn up for them to enter the desert and seek out the SCUDs, their launchers and associated infrastructure. The problem was the mobile launchers which could operate anywhere in the vast western Iraqi desert. These were virtually impossible to find from the air.

      OP PHOTOS HERE                                    
OPCOM:CWO2 Cobleigh
AO:  Reno Desert

OP Highlights include:
- Classic flag raising ceremony
- 24hr RECON qualification for up to 8-10 operators
- Friday night combat evolution
- A huge Feast of Crom Sat. night

There is also the possiblity of a surprise or two as this event is still in the planning stages. If you have worn a Cimmerian Beret, you owe it to yourself to attend this event. More imformation will be made available as we approach Sept. See you there!

BLUFOR - MULTICAM BDU, DBDU [6 Color "Chocolate Chip"]
REDFOR - Republican Guard OD, Other desert BDU with Tribal accent

24hr RECON - Submit your application to 18Zulu
You can do this! The ultimate Cimmerian experience is within your reach.