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AO will be off of Highway 50 at Icehouse AO.  
Recon encampment at foot of Chrom's Throne.
Scenario: Circa Nov 1994.  In the last days of the Bosnian War a transport plane reportedly carrying a Soviet made suit-case weapon was shot down in the mountainous region west of Sarajevo.  This crash site has been localized to three debris fields.

Russian External Security identified this as a potential embarrassment and scrambled a team to investigate the crash and recover any sensitive materials. ROE: Engage all contacts..

Mixed NATO  forces were scrambled to secure and pacify the crash site,
capture any  WDM material sand extract. ROE: Hyper stealth of possible. Engage if attacked. All witnesses of this mission were considered hostile.

Operations will include multiple objective missions and attack/defence and tactical withdrawl.
Special recon and sniper missions are on the books.

OPCOM :  CLassified