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Our April operation will be a fantastic 3 day OP. This op is dedicated and will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation charity.  The combat re-enactment, will be based on a historical scenario from Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Airsoft Combat – Join us for 3 days fierce riverine combat in the Islands of the Stockton Delta. Our riverine area of operation offers some of the most claustrophobic jungle and intense littoral terrain for MIL-SIM operations. This is now the time to get geared up, tune those AEGs and prep for our next combat operation!

SCENARIO will be a 3 day airsoft reenactment of  riverine operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom:  MultiCams vs Olive-Drab on the “Euphrates River”. US forces will recon and root-out  operators from the elite “85 Commando” of the the IRI  [Islamic Republic of 

Iran]. These operators and their local counterparts operated from remote islands in the Euphrates River.  They built and maintained communications nodes and insurgency missions. 

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 AO:The Island

Operation will include:   Ambush and  counter ambush   - Beach landing in riverine watercraft   - Night Combat Swimmer 

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This operation will be divided into multiple evolutions executed throughout the weekend from Friday night to Sunday noon and will involve the use of boats to carry out missions.   - Jungle Search and Destroy

NIM [Night Insertion Mission] - The NIM mission profile is being worked up in the 18-ZULU group now, it will include: Swim for 100m make landfall.  On foot, infiltrate enemy concentration and locate and eliminate known insurgent leader. Recon enemy weapons cache and intel sources.

This mission is very complex to run. Multiple full wet mission teams will be going in.  Please state in your message if you have a Swim Buddy, Team Leader and Team name. If you do not have one, that’s ok - one will be assigned to you.  Late volunteers will be assigned to CADRE duties.
Physical Requirements: You must be comfortable swimming 100-200meters in the dark cold water. 
To volunteer message subject “NIM”

REQS: All Cimmerian members participating in Fri night full-wet NIM qualify..