op TORNADO BLUE 28-30 May 2021

After a calm rotation in the rear area, the CAA is pushing to get back to the business of POGOEM.  We will be tasked with new missions in the coming months.

We call on all CIMMERIANS to help us do that by participating in our next OP and forging forward with focus and


 NEXT OP.... Tornado Blue May 28-30 2021

Circa 2015...SpecOps have located HVT [Mahmood bin Salamadi] in the treacherous Nuristan province of Afghanistan. Previous efforts to Capture/Kill have failed. Ground patrols will fan out and hunt for his location. A series of intel leads will bring him to justice. We will not leave Nuristan until we find him!

AO: Reno Desert, North of i80 

MultiCam / Afghan

Camping OP:
This is a Camping OP. There are no facilities available at the AO. Bring everything you will need! Food, water, shelter, and ops gear.

A FRAGO will follow for all registered operators. It will contain OP details and detailed directions to the AO.