RAVEN AXE 12-13-14 OCT 2018

After a calm rotation in the rear area, the CAA is pushing to get back to the business of POGOEM.  We will be tasked with new missions in the coming months.

We call on all CIMMERIANS to help us do that by participating in our next OP and forging forward with focus and


 NEXT OP.... RAVEN AXE  13 OCT 2018

Scenario: Circa October 2007, Afghanistan
SOCOM units with support from JIDO [Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization} will find fix and eradicate elements of the Al Muskhrati Network in Northern Helmand Province high above the Helmand river.

Operations will include:
- Counter IED sweeps using new JIDO technologies. On multiple targets in the AO.
- IED rapid response QRF [Quick Reaction Force]
- Counter Network operations finding and fixing device makers and suppliers.

AO: UPPER CISCO, North of Hi80 in the Sierras

MultiCam or OD/Woodland Camo w/shemagh

Camping OP:
This is a Camping OP. There are no facilities available at the AO. Bring everything you will need! Food, water, shelter, and ops gear.

PLEASE REGISTER - A FRAGO will follow for all registered operators. It will contain OP details and detailed directions to the AO.